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As technology continues to infiltrate the real estate industry, real estate agents around the world are feeling threatened. Fortunately, humans have one massive advantage over the algorithms -- human to human connection. Agents who master the art of connecting with clients and helping clients connect with properties will continue to dominate and be able to thrive as the industry advances

Roseann Galvan has worked with hundreds of professionals selling everything from apartment complexes to cottages. Her new book Showing SuperPower spotlights what Roseann calls "the biggest source of missed opportunity in the world of person-to-person selling.

Roseann earned a Master of Arts in Communications, she speaks, writes, podcasts and obsesses over the fine art of persuasive communication. She is a California licensed real estate agent with decades of experience in residential and multifamily real estate.

An engaging and insightful guest, Roseann can discuss:

1. Why real estate agents with masterful showing skills will close more deals and earn more commissions-faster!

2. The 10 Commandments of Showing SuperPower

3. Why the word "tour" should be outlawed in the real estate industry

4. .How agents can build rapport and create lasting connections with prospects

5. How to help clients focus and make buying decisions faster

6. Why and how to involve the kids (and pets! when showing homes

7. How to shorten the sales cycle and help more people find their ideal home and agents get their commissions faster!

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