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Showing SuperPower: The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Creating Bespoke Property Presentations, Fast Commissions and Lifelong Clients


Discover the insider tricks and practices to make a property and its assets stand out and resonate with prospective buyers.


“Always be selling” is the mantra every sales professional is familiar with, but if you want to up your game, showcase a property and immediately entice your buyer, you’ll need more than a hard sell. You’ll need a solid strategy that yields great results.


Showing SuperPower: The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Compelling Presentations, Fast Commissions and Lifelong Clients is the quintessential guide to helping buyers fully engage with properties, envision the lifestyle they could have, and see themselves living, working, and playing in the home.


  • The 10 Commandments of Showing SuperPower

  • How to help prospects focus on what they really want in a home

  • Using the tips, tools, and trade secrets you learn for bespoke showings, open houses, connecting with clients, & follow up

  • How to develop and deliver compelling virtual showings

  • And more!

If your goal is to close more deals, earn more commissions, and build a stellar client list faster, then this comprehensive guide is the perfect tool to have in your real estate professional arsenal.


Books about real estate are everywhere. Most of them are great at lead generation and marketing, but Showing SuperPower focuses on one SUPREME aspect of the real estate business—the all-important showings. Set yourself apart from the rest. It will teach you everything you need to know to shorten the sales cycle and help your clients choose their ideal home by engaging their senses and emotions when you show a home.

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